1. Demo Reel - Miles Peardon

Miles Peardon is a voiceover professional based in the lucrative Los Angeles market whose voice, if you closed your eyes, could easily be mistaken for the bastard love child of Isaac Hayes and a young Orson Welles, with the sexy smoothness of Barry White somehow thrown in the mix. Miles’ vocal signature can be described as youthful, down to earth, wry, cool, sexy, matter of fact, interesting, urban, sarcastic, been there done that, over it and not to be ignored … basically the voice of the New Generation.

Besides studying with some of the top voice over coaches in Los Angeles, including Kalmenson and Kalmenson, Stephen Tobolowsky, and Robert Clotworthy, Miles is able to provide a quick turnaround (usually within 24 hrs) in any format required (AIFF, MP3, WAV ) from his private in-home studio. His Mic locker contains a Neuman U87, Sennheiser 416, and Bock 195, all running through an Avalon 737 and recorded in Pro Tools. ISDN is also available, along with phone patch via Skype.